5 Effective Ways to Boost Sales this Christmas

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November 12, 2019
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5 Effective Ways to Boost Sales this Christmas

This is the season for festivity, joy and celebrations across the world and when businesses watch their income statements shoot up and show positivity! Christmas is just a few days ahead of us and businesses are already up and running with their holiday campaigns, strategies, offers, and what not.

How are you planning to make this holiday season get the best deal out of all? Well, have these tips and tricks ready right up at your sleeve to boost your business this Christmas:

1. Offer exclusive discounts to loyal customers
Who doesn’t love discounts and reductions? Well, offering such privileges to customers will help in luring them to buy your product/service. Especially rewarding your loyal customers on things that they buy most often, as it will turn out to be one of the most favourable decisions in retaining them. Spoil them with choices and exclusive offers they cannot refuse on things that they buy the most.

2. Personalized email marketing strategies
Email marketing is a personalized way of reaching out to your customers regarding your product/service, offers and other privileges. This is very effective for online stores as competition is much higher during holiday seasons. This strategy lets businesses send personalized emails to their customers informing about exclusive offers. Especially when customers keep their eyes open for discounts during this season, the best way to get them to your store is by:
a. Sending reminders to them through remarketing strategy to complete their purchase through the website in case they have abandoned their cart, or
b. Provide special offers to your regular customers by giving voucher codes through mail to appreciate their loyalty.

3. Cross-selling
Cross-selling is a process wherein the salesperson suggests their customer to buy another product that complements what they are going to buy. Through this, they are offering more value to the client but indirectly boosting sales as well. A popular example is the one you may have noticed in ecommerce websites where other items which are frequently bought together are suggested automatically.

4. Flash sales
Create a sense of panic with a “limited offer” tag for your product or service to grab more customers and sales. Conducting flash sales come with two major benefits:
a. Create hype as people start talking about the sale panicking that they would miss out on the sale and thereby, bringing in new potential leads.
b. Fastens up the sales cycle as customers, who would have procrastinated about the purchase, might end up buying the same.
Though it is considered to be an effective method, there are chances that you would be attracting more bargain hunters with less or no potential of converting into a sale. Therefore, be prepared for the sale with all right reasons and tricks to manage your leads.

5. Create social media campaigns
What better way to drive in people than the internet and social media platforms? Holiday season is the right moment for businesses to do their online promotions with apt content and strategies. You can create interactive and engaging social media campaigns, contests, exclusive hashtags or even simply post photos of the activities taking place at your store or with your customers. Simple yet effective!
Planning to utilise the best of Christmas? You can get it covered effectively and efficiently by coming up with the right strategy as per your audience group, implementing and then measuring it to track the results. Christmas is just around the corner and now is the time to get started!

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