Know Your Faculty

Our teaching staff is composed of practitioners and holders of graduate degrees with a passion for sharing their field experience with the next generation of managers as well as promoting out of the box thinking about real life issues faced by today’s managers.
1 - Dr Hemant Kumar

Dr. Hemant Kumar

Dr. Kumar is from India. He is currently an Owner/Director of 7 Management Institutes and Business Schools. Dr. Kumar obtained his Master of Commerce from the University of Mumbai (India) and a Ph.D in Finance. He started his teaching career in the University of Mumbai, before moving to the UAE, 25 years ago. He has taught a range of finance and economic courses in UAE for over 14 years in the following Universities: Emirates College of Management & IT, UAE, University of Southern Queensland (Dubai Campus) and London School of Economics, UAE, at graduate and post-graduate levels. He has supervised various master level thesis and research projects and has designed and organized several academic workshops for the universities. At the same time he has also provided management consultancy for a period of 5 years. Dr. Kumar is involved in strategic planning of launching & managing US, UK, Indian and Australian Universities programs in UAE namely, Griggs University, USA, University of Atlanta, USA . Manav Bharti University, Chifley Business School, Australia and University of Wales TSD, UK & SBS Swiss Business School, Zurich. Dr. Hemant Kumar has about 12 years of experience in managing and owning educational institutions. He is the owner and the director of the following companies: Al Tareeqah Management Studies Ras Al Khaimah, UAE; Chifley Business School, Al Tareeq Al Saree Management Consultancy Sharjah, UAE; Global Institute of Management and Accountancy, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Al Tareeqah Management Studies, Bahrain. In the past 28 years of his contribution to the education industry, Dr. Hemant Kumar has understood how higher education could empower individuals and how it could be the key that would unlock the potential of our youth and help them build a stronger community and a progressive nation.

2 - Azra Fatima

Dr. Azra Fatima

Dr. Azra Fatima a Business Instructor, Head of Examination & Academic at Al Tareeqah Management Studies. She has more than 10 years of teaching experience in university level management programs with an area of expertise in Finance and Management. She is associated with ATMS for more than 6 years and is presently heading the Exam Department & Academic. Prior to her role in ATMS she was an Associate Professor and Head of Department for MBA. Dr. Azra Fatima has a vast experience as a Chief Examiner of external exams for Indian Universities.

1-Instructor Biography - Dr. Carl Olsen

Dr. Carl Olsen

Carl Olsen completed his undergraduate, graduate and military studies in the United States. His 23-year career as an officer in the US Army included troop leadership assignments in the US, Europe and the Far East and progressive staff responsibility as an Operations Officer, in General Staff, in Public Affairs, and as an International Liaison Officer. Following retirement from the Army in 1992, Olsen's second career has included management positions in the insurance branch, hotel branch, and as the in-country manager for an American medical device manufacturing company in Germany. He has been teaching adult private higher education in Switzerland and Germany since 2000. He is currently an instructor for business management/leadership skills, business statistics/controlling, marketing, communications/public relations and ESL. Carl Olsen is a member of the Military Officers Association of America and the 4-River Valleys Historical Society (New York).

4- Instructor Biography - Dr. Chiemela F. Anyanwu-01

Dr. Chiemela F. Anyanwu

Dr. Chiemela F. Anyanwu has a PhD from Central Luzon State University Philippines. Currently, he is a Professor of biological science at Ifugao State University Philippines. Prior to that, he had taught graduate and undergraduate courses in Science Research, Healthcare Education and Management, Medical Genetics, Microbiology, Health and Safety Risk Management. He has also worked as a Healthcare Consultant for the Institute of Research and Development, Ifugao State University, and at Institute of Graduate Studies, Adventist University of the Philippines as well as a Healthcare educator at Skandinaviska Bokforlaget Sweden and Norks Bokforlag Norway. His research interest includes; Health-care quality and risk management; health education and community-based healthcare promotion, food microbiology, effectiveness of health behavior/health promotion interventions, efficacy of public health nutrition interventions. Dr. Anyanwu has extensive experience on healthcare community outreach seminar/workshops in public health education and research

6- Instructor Biography - Dr. Suleyman Tulug Ok

Dr. Suleyman Tulug

Dr. Tulug is an Associate Professor of Accounting and Finance who at the same time holds a Certified Public Accountant / Certified Financial Advisor (CPA / CFA) license. He has 15 years of teaching and research experience at various local / international academic institutions, with 10 papers published in refereed scholarly journals and a proven track record of teaching excellence at the undergraduate and graduate (MBA / EMBA) levels. He has valuable experience in the GCC region, having worked for HCT Sharjah Colleges between the years 2011 – 2014. Before joining academia, Dr. Tulug worked for 10 years as a professional, with the last 5 years spent in a leadership role as the Deputy Director General of a major corporation. He has provided consulting services / given seminars to industry before and also taught previously for Swiss Business School while he was in Dubai.

7 - Mansoor Khan

Mansoor Khan

My career includes over 15 years of working within government, non-government and commercial organizations. My work at companies like MTV, Oxfam, and Enfield College, and the National Institute of Vocational Education – NIVE (my current place of work in Dubai), has allowed me to gain and develop extensive skills in different areas of business that are essential to generating and sustaining growth and profit. I have a Masters degree in Business Administration, which has also provided me insight into the non-financial aspects of business that functionally drive the reiterative processes associated with successful businesses. These experiences allied with my enthusiasm, good interpersonal skills, and ability to work well under pressure (both individually and as part of a team), are the key attributes that define me as a professional.

2- Instructor Biography - Meriem El Aoun-01

Dr. Meriem El Aoun

Assistant professor of accounting with more than 9 years of academic experience. I have prepared my doctorate with Dr. Daniel Zéghal (professor at Ottawa university Canada) as advisor and I am graduated from the University of Sfax, Tunisia with great honor. My dissertation investigates “The effect of the financial crisis on enterprise risk management disclosure in the annual reports of top US banks”. I am an active researcher. My research interests deal with a great number of subjects related to the production, communication and use of accounting and financial information. The main topics of research are the financial crisis, Determinants of risk reporting in the banking sector, Corporate Governance, Enterprise Risk Management, and Accounting and Reporting of Enterprise risk management. I have 2 articles published in the Journal of Modern Accounting and Auditing as well as in the journal of Modern economy. I have a teaching experience in a multi-cultural, multi-national environment since I worked in Tunisia, Egypt and UAE where I was responsible for carrying out teaching the following subjects: - Financial accounting - Advanced accounting - Managerial accounting - Cost accounting - Tax system - Principles of finance - Financial planning and budgeting - Money and banking

3- Instructor Biography -Akram H. Jaffan-01

Dr. Akram H. Jaffan

With over 7 years of profound experience in quality management and organizational learning, Akram is a specialized professional in quality management, organizational learning and knowledge management with a diverse expertise in ISO 9001, JCIA, training and coaching experience in different disciplines of clinical research and Quality management. He holds a master degree from RCSI (Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland) in quality and safety in healthcare management. His scholarly publication “A Review of the Tripartite Model Linking Associations between TQM, Organizational Learning, and Performance” was recently published in the International Business Research Journal. Furthermore, He is a certified professional in healthcare quality and a member of NAHQ (National Association for Healthcare Quality). He is currently enrolled in the academic program of Doctor of Business Administration with a focus in Quality Management and Organizational Learning.

8- Instructor Biography -Syed Farhan Alvi-01

Dr. Syed Farhan Alvi

Primary academic qualification is Bachelors in “Computer Systems Engineering” with post-graduation in “Computer Information Sciences” leading to MBA in Management Information Systems. Recently acquired Masters in “Applied Research Methodologies” and currently completing DBA (Doctorate of Business Administration). Effective track record of excellent skill-set and overall experience of total 18+ years. 11 Years in reflecting systematic approaches, organizing, monitoring, and leading Human Resources Development projects to successful completion. 10+ Years of Teaching initially with IBM (South East Asian Wing) on AS 400 System and later with Etisalat Academy for the City & Guilds National Training Program. Have been involved in chapter. Learning delivery, operations and planning for large enterprises for training needs assessments and fulfilling the skills gap. Also key seeker in many local conferences and bespoke member of Society of Human Resources & Management Middle East chapter. Have interacted and worked as core team member on HR Development Projects & Initiatives. For the same have closely worked with many HR consultants such as Egon Zandhler, Franklin & Covey, SHL, Abu Dhabi Knowledge Group, AT Kearney, Mckinsey, Hay, Spencer Johnson Partners, Corporate Executive Board, Corporate Leadership Council and IBM (Oracle Business Executive Suite) in roll out of various strategic human resource projects and initiatives.

12 - Clay Gervais


Clay Gervais is a consultant in the United Arab Emirates, focusing on marketing a sustainable business practices. He worked extensively in brand management and business development, and has written on scenario analysis and the power of narratives in driving business focus. Clay began teaching more than 20 year ago, often to students who have been working full-time while studying. He has been successfully training working adults from USA< UK, Europe, Canada, etc. And presently associated with a reputed institute of higher and continuous learning in the UAE.

13 - Sampath

Sredharran Sampath

Mr. Sredharran Sampath has a MBA, M.Sc(Psychology), M.Phil from University of Madras. Sredharran currently having his training Consultancy ASPIRE TRAINING CONSULTANCY FZE, conducting training in Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Contracts Management, Logistics, Warehouse Operations, Export Import Documentation, Driving Strategy, Operations Management, Leadership, Change Management for the Corporate. He is an adjunct faculty with American University in the Emirates, Dubai International Academic City, Emirates Institute for Banking and Financial Studies – Dubai, Sharjah, Kings Centre for Professional Development – RAK, Birla Institute of Technology – RAK teaching the subjects of Organizational Behavior, Marketing Management, Management Information Systems, Operations Management, International Relations, International Business, Supply Chain Management, SHRM, Change Management. Prior to that, he had worked in leading Colleges and Business Schools in India - Magnus School of Business, AMET(Academy of Maritime Education and Training) University, Annamalai University, Anna University, U.S(Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, Pensylvannia), U.A.E(Amity University). He had taught both undergraduate and post graduate courses in Supply Chain Management, Logistics, International Business, Consumer Behavior, Marketing Management, SHRM. He does Personal counselling to help students be confident, overcome fear, understand behavioral issues and work as an effective team player. He has an extensive experience in designing and conducting customized training for the corporates in the areas of Supply Chain Management, Leadership and Change Management, Driving Strategy, Procurement and Contracts Management, SHRM.

Umesh Kothari

Umesh Kothari

Mr. Umesh Kothari has over 25 years of rich industry experience in strategy and customer experience in diverse markets such as UAE, USA and India. He has a proven track record for implementing research insights and helping organizations to meet their strategic objectives. The organizations include Union National Bank, HSBC, Pepsi Cola, Emaar Properties, MasterFoods, National Commercial Bank, Gulf Air. Cadburys and Unilever. Umesh is a highly seasoned. passionate and service-minded strategy and customer experience professional with a sound knowledge. Adept at working in agile environments. Experience in cultural transformations and large change programs, strong ability to foster change. Mr. Umesh has mentored and coached over 30 students with their industry projects. He has been associated with prestigious educational institutions including SBS. Umesh has an MBA from Willamette University. USA and a Masters in Commerce from Mumbai University. His professional skills are as below. *Leadership *Effective Communication *Project Management *Strategy Formulation *Customer Insights/Market Research *Balanced Score Card Management *Problem Resolution *Data Analytics *Customer Relationship Management He has authored papers and articles for International Research Association and print magazines. Asa Deputy Team Leader Umesh has assessed organizations for excellence on behalf of Dubai Quality Award Group. He was a Jury Panel Member in ESOMAR (International Research Association) chartered with responsibility of setting agenda and evaluating papers presented at its Dubai regional conference.

Mark Langer

Mark F.B. Langer

Mr. Mark Langer has over 40 years of management and teaching experience with the U.S. federal government, armed forces, and private industry. He has been in the United Arab Emirates since September 2005 and served as an instructor at Preston University-Ajman until February 2006. He joined American Educational Institutions LLC as the Executive Advisor and prepared all of the documents required by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHESR) for the initial licensure and accreditation of what was to eventually become the City University College of Ajman. After that project, he returned to Preston-Ajman as the Quality Assurance Director and business instructor. Mark led the educational partnership task force between Preston-Ajman and the University of Bedfordshire in 2010. His academic experience includes teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in the USA and UAE. These include: Business and Management Communication, Business Ethics, Business Law. Human Resource Management, Management Principles, Mass Communication, Operations Management, Organizational Behavior, and Public Speaking. Mark taught on the Business Administration - BA (Hops) Course for two years during the Preston-Bedfordshire affiliation before he moved to the City University College of Ajman (CUCA) in December of 2011. Mark served as the Director of Institutional Effectiveness (ID) at COCA from 2011 to 2017. The IE Office, together with its Institutional Research. Program Accreditation, and Quality Assurance units, directly supported the Vice Chancellor in building processes and structures that enabled faculty, staff, and students to achieve success and collectively accomplish the College's mission.