BBA - 3 Year

  • Opting for SBS for my undergraduate degree wasn't my first choice but after 3 years in this university, I can definitely say that, it was the right choice. I experienced a lot of different things both in the academic and social perspectives. I was approached by friendly peers and welcoming professors, from the first day and that remained consistent till the last day of my degree. Studying in this institution helped me a lot, in terms of just educating myself more and more be it in  academics or just personal life lessons. I can truthfully say that SBS has helped me improve in several different ways, aided in building my self confidence and enhanced my individual being
    Itrat Azhar
  • Studying at SBS was a critical and life changing decision to take. One of the hardest stage in a student life is to choose the correct major that suit them in the proper university that fullfil there needs. Is this university's degree acredited everywhere. Is its standards recognized well. Does it give the sufficient knowledge and strategies to face the world with all the competitions it got and allow you to build a career. SBS is the answer to all these questions. As an SBS student I assure the quality, knowledge, experience, and the happiness that this university offers. Since BBA is just the beginning of the educational journey i would recommend students to continue this journey and study MBA at SBS, to expand their knowledge about the business world and become an expert in making profitable business. - BBA 3rd Year
    Christina Zeineddin
    Regional Head of Sales – Middle East
  • After high school, I was bound to go home for college but everyone in my family was hesitant about it. Few weeks before finalizing the decision, we gave Swiss business school a try and see what it can offer. A lot of things has change from the first day I got to uni, but one thing I’m certain about is that SBS helped me a lot. From the faculties that supported me, believed in me and taught me things that I now use in my work place to friends that became family. I was the student body secretary and Digital media director of SBS Newsletter committee. All of these things in total has impacted me heavily to who I am today. Thank you to everyone who has been part of my 3-whole year life in SBS, travelling from Dubai to RAK, it was all worth it. Course : BBA 3rd Year
    Leigh Santander
    Research Executive and Social Media Manager, NAAS Group


  • ATMS- SBS has been a wonderful experience. The quality of the student services, academic support and level of professionalism of lecturers are amazing. In our busy life schedule having convenient time tables and flexible payment terms helped me greatly to continue with my BBA - AAE program and successfully complete it. Surely, I can recommend ATMS for anyone who seeks professional and personal development through higher education in UAE. Last but not least, thank you all ATMS staff for making a pleasurable journey of wisdom.
    Wedeha Dissanayake
    Manager HR and Administration , EJAR Cranes And Equipments LLC.
  • The academic and professional experience that I acquired while studying in SBS are not the only reasons why I highly encourage people to pursue their studies in Swiss Business School In fact, beyond the solid scientific knowledge that I acquired, it is the multicultural exposure that I cherish the most. My university professors were not only teachers but also mentors that were willing to help students anytime and in any situation. They taught me the proper way of learning and how to think critically and out of the box
    Nabil Almahfadi
    Professional Secretary - Al Nasir Sport Club


  • Ms. Samia Barj
    Choosing SBS was similar to studying facility location lectures in an university academic environment The lectures and tutorials are interesting and academically stimulating, and applied to real-world case studies which is extremely useful.” SBS has the flexibility,a working professional could ask for to work and study simultaneously .  That was a large influence on my decision.
    Ms. Samia Barj
  • Pursuing my MBA with SBS has been one of the best decisions contributing to the enhancement of my career that I took. The theoretical knowledge gained from the lectures applied to real-world case studies has been extremely useful for me to relate everything to my current profession. I would highly recommend others to pursue MBA for those who want to reach the pinnacle of success in their career to get an extended idea not only about the global market and international relations but also for an individual enhancement of strategic goals in their life.
    Hiba K. Al Luaibi
    Account Manager in Etihad Airways
  • It gives me great pleasure to say with pride that I have completed MBA with SBS. The relationship between faculties and student is very cordial, which gave me an opportunity to excel in my area of interest. The time spent here was splendid and has helped me to grow better professionally & personally. I would like to thank all the faculties and staff for making me a “Better Person”. - MBA Graduate
    Natalia Vakulenko
    Regional Head of Sales – Middle East
  • “ATMS “Swiss Business School” is one of the well reputed university in Sharjah and Northern Emirates. I’m really happy to be a student of ATMS and the way their giving the priorities to the students as well as the subjects it’s really amazing. I got my Graduation last Oct 2017 with Higher Grades and feeling really proud. Regarding the subjects which I followed it was related to my field that I’m working in a marketing sector since 13 years. I recommended ATMS for higher studies who’s having busy schedules as they interest to study more it’s the place to you go and visit” - MBA Graduate
    Ashanga MP
    Business Development Manager, Decent Printing Press LLC


  • SBS Swiss Business School has offered me a lifetime opportunity through its remarkable MSc in Healthcare Management program. As a Blood Bank Laboratory Technologist, I have always wanted to start my own practice and run a laboratory but was always anxious about managing a healthcare facility, especially with the limited knowledge of the business world I had back then. In addition to providing a wide insight into many aspects of healthcare, this MBA/MSc program taught me valuable management skills that characterized a turning point in my life. Instructors helped me to know the new world of MBA/MSc that made me possible with good interactive sessions. Each session provides more of knowledge and clears all doubts. It helped me to build confidence in my present job and made me think differently in a professional way and also confirmed my decision to finally proceed with my dream.
    Lorlin Acena
    BLOODBANK TECHNOLOGIST in Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi
  • I had a great time at SBS! I was impressed by the high quality courses and highly qualified professors that successfully managed to convey their knowledge and experience. The MSc in Health Care Management program has certainly given me a competitive advantage as shortly after completing the degree. The program has enriched me with the most valuable and practical knowledge and has certainly enhanced my career. This experience has helped me to build a solid international profile and foundation thanks to the school’s dynamic and diverse business environment, with students in my class coming from more than 15 different countries.
    Zeinab Gaayte
    Nurse Manager, AL Qasimi Hospital Sharjah
  • Dr. Muath Mamdouh Mahmod
    I joined SBS in the Master of Science (MSc) program with a desire to complete it within the scope of good scientific interest and the affordable price. The MSc program provided an opportunity to further explore both my academic and professional interests with the research. I completed the Master's degree after a good experience in terms of teaching, scientific material and time. I will convey this experience to others who have an interest in the same field.  
    Dr. Muath Mamdouh Mahmod
    Surgery Resident