Bachelor of Business Administration (1 Year)

Pursuing a career in business today means preparing yourself for an ever-changing world, reaching into new markets, adopting new technologies and crossing the boundaries between traditional disciplines. Success in this environment depends, to a great extent, on your ability to be versatile, to communicate, to think globally and to be creative in applying business principles to new realities.

Your undergraduate business education is your launching pad into this dynamic world. And no matter what career path you choose–from finance, marketing, management or e-business – the lessons you absorb as an undergraduate will help shape your future.


The AAE program is an undergraduate program designed for individuals who have not terminated their undergraduate studies and who have relevant work experience. The program gives students an opportunity to develop all necessary skills in order to acquire additional personal assets needed in their further careers. Classes are job-oriented, held on weekends.


ENG 310English Language
FIN 310International Finance
MKT 315Strategic Marketing
MIS 320Managing Information Systems
MGT 310Negotiation Skills
ACT 301Cost Accounting
ENG 315Commercial Correspondence
FIN 320Financial Planning and Budgeting
MGT 330Strategic Leadership and Change
BUS 315Business in a World Economy
MKT 330Cases in Marketing
FIN 340Cases in Finance
THE 350Thesis

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