Master Of Science In Healthcare Management

SBS works closely with its industry partners and knowledge and skills in areas critical for business success. This ensures you graduate with the confidence to lead in an increasingly dynamic and competitive healthcare environment.

Our Master of Science in Health Care Management Program uniquely combines business teaching with applied research. It equips you with skills and knowledge for a management career in the global health care sector.

The adult learner is self-directed. We strongly believe in a work-applied learning approach for this educational program. Knowledge and skills learned should be applied at the workplace.


MKT 501 Marketing Management
ACC 505 Accounting Skills
MGT 535 Organizational Behavior / Leadership
FIN 501 Financial Management
MGT 501 Operations Management / Project Management
COM 507 Communication and Negotiation Skills
ECO 502 Managerial Economics
ENT 567 Entrepreneurship
MGT 631 Human Resource Management
MIS 501 Management Information Systems
MGT 505 Business Policy and Strategy
MGT 525 Business Values and Ethics
(Any 10 units from the above list of 12 units)
MGT 598 Management of Care Processes
MQQ 553 Quality & Risk Management
THE 700 Research Methods
THE 755 Individual Thesis Project

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